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Seattle, WA Dental Implants: The Solution

At Edmonds Woodway Dental Care, our passion is restoring natural smiles and quality of life with state-of-the-art dentistry. Dental implants offer a permanent, stable, natural-looking, and natural-feeling solution for people with one or more missing teeth. They improve self-esteem by preserving the structural integrity of your facial esthetics, and they allow you to speak, eat, smile, and live with confidence again.


From our facility’s calming environment to our professional and compassionate staff, we make sure every aspect of your experience with us leaves you feeling well cared for and listened to. Our patients are often surprised by the level of comfort they experience throughout the entire dental implant process and the satisfaction they feel with this permanent solution. Among the many benefits of dental implants, they:

  • Offer a permanent solution
  • Have a natural look and feel
  • Are durable
  • Save healthy neighboring teeth
  • Are easily maintained


What our patients are saying about Edmonds Woodway Dental Care and their dental implants.


“I couldn’t believe how easy the procedure was — really no different from having a filling done. There was no pain during the surgery, and I only needed Tylenol afterwards. My new implant tooth looks and feels like my own.” —Vicki O., Seattle, WA


“Dr. Hrankowski and his team were great. They took the time to explain the procedure in detail, and I was amazed at how quick and painless the whole process was. My new tooth looks and feels like the real thing. I am thrilled with the service I received, and I have referred my entire family to Dr. Hrankowski.”Jill L., Edmonds, WA


“I’m so pleased to have a dental relationship with Dr. Michael Hrankowski. He has changed my life for the better. I love my dental implants as they have never given me a problem, and now that they are done I would have never done it any other way. Dr. Hrankowski was so honest, gentle, and efficient. Thank You, Dr. Hrankowski!”Sharon C., Edmonds, WA


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Our practice is pleased to offer Springstone Patient FinancingSM. A variety of flexible plans provides low monthly payments with no money down and no payment for 3-7 weeks. You can calculate monthly payment options or you can place an application. For more information on this attractive option, just ask our team or visit springstoneplan.com.


Seattle Dentist Dr. Michael Hrankowski is a RealChoice Dental Implant Center provider.

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